Drawing proficiency comes with practice. This is certainly true, but did you also know that drawing ability is something that most of us are born with?

For many people, the ability to draw well…well, it seems impossible! However, that feeling can fade away by adding 2 key elements: self-confidence and good coaching. I teach children how to observe the things that they want to draw by breaking them down into simple shapes. I use a teaching method that is based on observational drawing.

Here’s something else to consider: Once you put your ability to draw into action, it can affect many aspects of your life including your career path. Here are some facts about drawing and visualization:

  • Visual observation drawing is done in the same part of the brain where all instinctive creative thinking happens
  • Observation and expressive drawing help us to become more creative, successful and fulfilled in life
  • Learning to draw develops the part of the brain that visualizes
  • Imagination is done through visualization. All types of creative professionals must be able to imagine and visualize quickly and vividly
  • Sharp visualization skills enhance all types of creative planning. These include: creating business strategies, business plans, mind mapping, planning communities, designing buildings and cities…designing anything!
  • Visualization skills and drawing are also very useful in understanding math concepts, scientific methods, literature, and virtually every other subject

I look forward to working with you soon!