Watercolour Still Life Andrea 13
Celine Still Life
Watercolour Still Life Celine 12
Still Life Vivian 12
Graphite White Charcoal Portrait Andrea 13
Impressionism Watercolour Andrea 13
Impressionism Watercolour Michelle 12
Impressionism Watercolour Jessica 11


Jiaran age 16 Coloured Pencil Still Life
Erica age 14 Line and Wash Perspective
Elvis age 13 Line and Wash Perspective
Hannah age 13 Line and Wash Perspective
Jiaran age 15 Line and Wash Perspective
Alex 13 Line and Wash Perspective
Leo age 14 Coloured Pencil Portrait










Milne Dam Conservation Park, Markham

I took all of my students on an outing to the Milne Dam Conservation Park in Markham this August (2017). They made sketches of what they saw and then created watercolour paintings from the drawings. It rained pretty heavily that week. I held classes in the park on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We got drenched a couple of times, running for shelter one minute and then setting up the easels and the paints the next minute. It was really stressful but a lot of fun for everyone. Here are some of the results from the  age 10 to 15 groups. They are all wonderful!!!:

(Note: I also did this with the 4 to 8 year old groups. Have a look at what they can do. Wow!)

Jade 10
Ethan 12
Amy 12
Leo 14
Kelly 14
Jiaran 15

Dog Portrait (coloured pencil)

Leo 14
Jiaran 15
Elvis 13

Negative Space

Kelly 14

Acrylic Apples

Leo 12
Kelly 13

Mountain Landscape in Watercolour

Facial Proportions + Value/Tone

Pencil: Value / Tone


Coloured Pencil Techniques – Colour Mixing/Burnishing

Kelly – Outstanding!


Watercolour Still Life

Angel (age 8, worked with the big kids for a few weeks) – Wow! Well done!!