Ann 10 Acrylic Abstract

Jason 9 Coloured Pencil

Katherine 9 Acrylic Abstract

Michelle 11 Acrylic Abstract

 Nicole 9 Acrylic Abstract

Effy 9 Acrylic Abstract

Erin  9 Watercolour Sharpie Tree
Erin  9 Watercolour Abstract
Roger 9 Zentangle
Peter Lin 10 Zentangle
Evan 8 Zentangle
Edmond 11 Zentangle
Aiden 10 Zentangle
Jason 11 Zentangle
Felix 10 Zentangle
Erin 9 Zentangle
Issac 9 Mannequin
Serena 9 Mannequin
Jessica 10 Fall Watercolour
Selina 9 Elephant
Kyla 11 Maple Leaf
Matthew 11 Popart Girl
Laryssa 11 Lovebirds
Alice 9 Flamingo
Aiden 10 Aliens in the park
Aiden 10 Still Life Sketch
Aiden 10 Fantasy Hybrid Animals
Edison 10 Hybrid Fantasy Animals

Character Creation

To set this up, I wrote the names of about 100 objects, including animals and different types of food, furniture, power tools…anything and everything, onto small pieces of paper. Then I scattered them all over the desks and asked each student to pick at least 3 objects. The next part is to have them create a character that has elements of each object that they’ve chosen. The results were wonderful. It’s a great creative exercise. Here are a few examples:


Halloween Pumpkin Carving – An Annual Event