Pastel Still Life Kevin 11
Sunset Silhouette Nicole 10
Watercolour Treehouse Theo 9
Pop Art Winnie 9
Pop Art Kevin 11
Pop Art Roger 9
Tonal Ground Pomegranate Katherine 9
Hailey 9
Tonal Ground Cone Hailey 9

Ann 10 Acrylic Abstract

Katherine 9 Acrylic Abstract

Michelle 11 Acrylic Abstract

 Nicole 9 Acrylic Abstract

Effy 9 Acrylic Abstract

Erin  9 Watercolour Sharpie Tree
Erin  9 Watercolour Abstract
Roger 9 Zentangle
Peter Lin 10 Zentangle
Evan 8 Zentangle
Edmond 11 Zentangle
Aiden 10 Zentangle
Jason 11 Zentangle
Felix 10 Zentangle
Erin 9 Zentangle
Jessica 10 Fall Watercolour
Kyla 11 Maple Leaf
Matthew 11 Popart Girl
Laryssa 11 Lovebirds
Aiden 10 Aliens in the park
Aiden 10 Still Life Sketch
Aiden 10 Fantasy Hybrid Animals
Edison 10 Hybrid Fantasy Animals

Character Creation

To set this up, I wrote the names of about 100 objects, including animals and different types of food, furniture, power tools…anything and everything, onto small pieces of paper. Then I scattered them all over the desks and asked each student to pick at least 3 objects. The next part is to have them create a character that has elements of each object that they’ve chosen. The results were wonderful. It’s a great creative exercise. Here are a few examples:


Halloween Pumpkin Carving – An Annual Event